Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wise people treasure knowledge, but the babbling of a fool invites trouble.

Prov. 10:14  Wise people treasure knowldege, but the babbling of a fool invites trouble.

How well do you treasure knowledge?  When you treasure knowledge, you put great value on it.  He who treasures knowledge is not satisfied with what he already knows.  He always is pursuing greater understanding.  He knows that he does not know all things and has an open mind so that he can learn new things.  Learning becomes a very vital part of living.

When you treasure knowledge, you hold onto it.  You diligently watch over what you know and understand lest you forget it or it fades in importance in your life.  Wise are those who have built a solid foundation of truth in their lives.  Wise are those whose quest for knowledge never dies.

Wise are those who once they know and understand truth stand firmly upon it.  There are certain things God reveals to us that we will never fully know or understand, but there are certain things that are universally understood amongst God’s children and we must hold fast to those things.  God has never added to or taken away from His Word and He never will.  What we don’t understand we hold onto by faith and await the day in which the Lord will remove the scales from off our eyes so we can understand. 

Wise people do not need to flaunt what they know.  Those who are quick to speak often are like babbling fools.  They often have not done there studies and speak out on what they think about things and make fools of themselves.  It takes time to work out the truths of the Word.  It takes careful thought and meditation to discern truth from error.  A person who speaks off the top of his head without clear understanding does more harm than good and needs to be quiet.

Wise people treasure knowledge.  They are willing to pay the price of thinking for themselves.  They are good students of the Word.  They are humble in spirit and are willing to rethink things if the Spirit gives them greater understanding.  They willingly discard their old ways of thinking as they mature in faith.  Wise people do not hinder the work of the Spirit in them to give them proper understanding of the Scriptures.

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