C Through Marriage

     C Through Marriage is written primarily for the Christian community.  It has 48 different chapters on marital issues and they all begin with the letter C.  I cover topics that usually are taken for granted and not discussed often in most marriages.  Topics include such items as: cash, communication, children, commitmnet, cuddling, charity, Christ, conflict, etc.  I offer some guidance on these issues and have some thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. 
      C Through Marriage began nearly 30 years ago while I was serving in a local church.  Over the years, different thoughts were developed, but never written down.  It wasn't until recently that the Lord sat me down and moved me to write this book.  I never intended it to become a book, but at the urging of a couple of family members who previewed it, I submitted it to my publisher and it was accepted.
      C Through Marriage is a book that many pastors, counselors, group leaders, and couples will find useful.  This is not a deep scholarly work.  It is a lot of common sense that most people will find helpful.  Some couples have found it to be good for devotionals, some college professors have used it in the classroom, some counselors have used it in their counseling sessons, etc, 
      C Through Marriage is a book that you will not only want for yourself, it makes for a wonderful gift for both the married and soon-to-be married.