Monday, July 28, 2014

Do you hate lies?

Prov. 13:5   Those who are godly hate lies, the wicked come to shame and disgrace.

Do you hate lies?  We don’t like it when others lie to us, but are we guilty of lying to others?  As children of God, we should be speaking the truth always.  God demands that we speak the truth.  It may not always be convenient or easy, but we must speak the truth.  If we know telling the truth will make a situation worse, it is far better for us to not say anything rather than lie about it.

Sometimes telling the truth is hurtful.  If the hurt is because of sin, then it is good to tell the truth so that the offender can see the truth and repent.  But, when it becomes necessary to reveal someone’s sin, it must be done in godly love.  If you can’t do it in love, keep your mouth shut and let someone else who can do it in love do it.

Sometimes telling the truth hurts a person’s ego.  If it’s a matter of taste, appearance, habits, etc., tack must be used if anything is said.  If you must speak, choose your words carefully.  Attacking a person’s character is never good.  Words can easily offend another and we must avoid doing that if possible.  We are to build one another up and not tear them down.  Sometimes silence is indeed golden.

There are people all around us who are liars.  They don’t either care about telling the truth or they aren’t able to discern the truth.  They are children of darkness and they bring shame and disgrace on their own heads.  The Lord will take care of them in due time.  It is not our responsibility to judge or condemn them.  It is far better for us to pray for them than it is to judge them.  They wreak havoc in the public arena and they often make life miserable for those who are honest in their hearts.  Only the Lord can change their hearts and ways.  Ask Him to work on their hearts and shed light on their souls.  They need the Lord and they need us to pray for them. 

Godly people hate lies and do not participate in them.

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