Friday, July 25, 2014

A real test of character is how well you speak of others.

Prov. 12:18  Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.

A real test of your character is how well you speak of others.  Do you tear down or build up?  Do you destroy or bring healing?  No one likes to hear words of destruction.  We like to be spoken well of, to hear words of encouragement.  Wise is the person who knows how to bring words of healing to the soul.  One of the greatest gifts a person can have is the gift of encouragement.  It is something everyone can do.  It may take some work to develop it, but with effort it can be done.

If you are not an encourager, can you really say that you love God and others?  Be honest.  God always strives to lift up His children.  He wants them to reach their potential in Him.  Notice how many times He uses words and phrases to let us know that we are more than we think we are in Him.  He calls us overcomers, a royal priesthood, His children, mighty conquerors, servants of God, etc.  Over and over again God tells us how special we are to Him.  He sees us for not only who we are, but for whom we can become in Him.  Shouldn’t we be the same way towards one another?

Want to make a difference in the world?  Be an encourager.  Learn how to see the good in people and spur them on to greater goodness.  Don’t take the easy and low road and add poison to someone’s soul.  Lift them up and bring words of healing to them.  Just one word of encouragement in time of need could forever change the course of someone’s life.

Sure people mess up and make a mess of their lives.  The world is full of people who make fools of themselves by making bad choices in their lives.  There are a multitude of people who make life miserable for those striving to live right before God.  Instead of making matters worse by tearing them down, we should love them enough to try to bring healing to their souls by loving them through Christ.  And if they are unresponsive to our love, it is best to remain silent and not tear them down with our cutting remarks.  Pray for them and let the Lord deal with them.

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