Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pride is one of the biggest battles we all fight.

Prov. 13:10  Pride leads to arguments; those who take advice are wise.

Pride is one of the biggest battles we all fight.  It is so hard to get rid of and no one can do it perfectly.  We have a need to be appreciated by others and it makes us feel good about ourselves when we are.  But, when we begin to dwell on the words and deeds others shower on us, we tend to let it puff us up.  We begin to see ourselves in a better light than we really are in.  We begin to believe the lie that we are of greater value to others than we are.  We begin to think of how good we are.  We begin to look down on others because we have such high opinions of ourselves.

Pride tends to cause us to be defensive.  We sense the need to stand up against anyone who thinks differently than we do.  We take a stand against anyone who would dare question us or our self-perceived worth.  Pride causes us to not have much tolerance with those who would oppose us.

Pride is not bad for us if it is well-balanced and causes us to feel well of ourselves within the context of God’s family.  We need to have a positve self-image as children of God.  When we understand that our worth comes from God, it becomes easier to handle pride.

Pride should never keep us from being able to take advice from others.  Those who are wise understand that they do not have all the answers or always get things right.  The wise know that they need help in order to live life right before God.  The wise do not let pride keep them from growing and becoming better citizens of heaven through the guidance and advice of others.  They are grounded in the Word and are willing to let the Word move them to change whenever it is needed.  The wise do not let pride get out of hand.  They live submissively before God and let Him be Lord of life. 

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