Saturday, July 26, 2014

How do you determine whether or not someone is a true friend?

Prov. 12:26  The godly give good advice to their friends; the wicked lead them astray.

How do you determine whether or not somone is a true friend?  Consider the kind of advice they give you.  A good friend will not encourage you to do or say anything that will lead you away from God.  Period.  A good friend will not encourage you to feast your mind on unholy things.  A good friend will support and encourage you in your journey of faith to God.  A good friend is a godly friend. 

It is so important that you choose your friends wisely.  Be sure that you connect deeply only with those who will help you to be and do good.  The ungodly will lead you astray.  It is okay to have friends who are not godly people, but don’t let them into your inner circle of friends, friends that you rely on for the maturing of your faith.

We must never forget, the wicked do what comes naturally for them to do.  They gravitate to that which is unholy.  They seek satisfaction and pleasure in the things of the world.  Their perspective is grounded on earth.  They cannot see in the light because they live in the dark.  Be very careful when the wicked seek to advise you on what you need to do.

We must be careful of our own souls so that when others turn to us for advice that we are prepared to give them godly advice.  If we are not grounded well in the Word and are not in close fellowship with the Lord, we can very easily lead others astray.  Good advice comes from those who maintain a good relationship with God.  The godly do not give good advice by accident.  It takes consistently working hard on our salvation. 

Don’t be a tool in Satan’s hand when advising others.  Keep your soul in tip top shape so that what comes out of your mouth may be good and used of God to help lead others to Him.

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