C Through Marriage Reviews

Alecia Roberts:
“C Through Marriage” by Rev. Jim Hughes is a wonderful scripturally based guide which takes you through the “C’s” of marriage. Rev. Hughes addresses everything that affects a marriage from Calamity to Cuddling. I love the “For Further Consideration” at the end of each chapter which requires the reader to give in-depth thought to various issues of marriage and record their thoughts. “C Through Marriage” is a must-read for any couple considering marriage, looking to improve their marriage, or looking to repair and heal their marriage. My husband and I recently celebrated eleven wonderful years of marriage and I gained so much insight from Rev. Hughes in the pages of “C Through Marriage” that will greatly enhance my marriage. I wish I could have read it eleven years ago!

Author Penny Zeller writes:

In his book, C Through Marriage Revitalizing Your Vows, Jim Hughes offers timely advice for all couples, whether they are an engaged couple or have been married four years or for 40 years. A gifted author, Hughes unlocks the treasures of God's Word with informative chapters, all beginning with the letter "c."

Not only does Hughes offer Bible-based advice, but he does so in a conversational way, including the use of fictional couples, such as Barb and Bill, to further help the reader identify with the everyday problems that couples face. The suggestions within this book are useful for all couples in all stages of their marriages.

The "For Further Consideration" at the end of each chapter provides the reader with things to think about and contemplate in his/her own marriage. This book is versatile and would be excellent for use as a Bible study, or for in-home personal use. One thing is for certain: this is not a read-once and place-on-the-shelf book. It is a book couples will find themselves referring to time and time again. I highly recommend it.

Pastor and author Stephen Groll writes:

I have never read a more comprehensive book on the subject of marriage than “C Through Marriage” by Jim Hughes. As an ordained minister who has served in churches for over forty years, I have performed a number of weddings, counseled my share of troubled couples, and taught some marriage help classes. If I had had access to this book, I would have required couples wanting me to perform their weddi...ngs to read it. I would have used it to help me guide troubled couples, and I would have used it as my textbook to teach marriage help classes. As a husband who has been married to the same woman for forty-one years, I can attest to the wisdom, validity, and insightfulness of this Biblically based guide that addresses most if not all aspects of marriage. Whether you are contemplating marriage, want to find ways to improve your marriage, need a book to recommend to friends who need help with their relationships, or if you are going to teach a class on the subject, then this is the book; you will find none better. Steve Groll author ~ "Beyond the Dead Forest"