Saturday, July 19, 2014

The godly face life's disasters with grateful hearts.

Prov. 10:25  Disaster strikes like a cyclone, whirling the wicked away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.

The wicked have no sure footing in life.  They do not have the resources within them to cope with life’s disasters in a positive way.  They tend to react and get bent out of shape instead of dealing with things confidently.  They are easily thrown for a loop and their lives become unraveled. 

Things are different for the godly.  Disasters do come and turn the lives of the godly upside down, but they are not thrown for a loop.  They understand that they have an Anchor that will hold them steady and strong during the midst of their storm.  They know that they are not alone.  They stand firm on the foundation of God’s Word and character.  They understand that no matter how bad things are, they will survive and be the better person for it.

The godly face life’s disasters with grateful hearts.  They are able to see the bigger picture and understand that the Lord is with them and will not let them down.  They understand that momentary hardships are nothing compared to their salvation.  They know that it is far better to have the Lord than the ease and comforts of life.  They understand that the Lord never promised that it would be heaven on earth for them. 

The foundation of the godly is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  He has overcome the world and all those who live in Him are also overcomers.  The godly have a sure hope.  They know that even if their disaster costs them their lives, heaven awaits them.  The godly have no fear of what is to come.  With eyes fixed on Jesus, they keep pressing on, not buckling underneath the circumstances of life.  They know that whatever life throws at them, it will be worth it all when they see Jesus.

Is Jesus the anchor of your soul today?

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