Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Downfall of Marriage?

There is a growing discontent with the tradional institutional marriage. Depending on what survey you listen to, most people in America today think differently about marriage than previous generations did. Fewer and fewer couples view marriage as a sacred covenant to enter into. Fewer couples today stand behind their commitment to stay married "until death do us part". People are opting out of marriage and are instead entering into relationships of convenience without the strings attached.
Marriage as we have known it is rapidly moving into a very dangerous and deteriating condition. It is so much easier to walk away from one's problems than it is to try and solve them. The stigma of divorce no longer hampers us and society makes getting a divorce so easy.
Yet, there is hope. There are numerous resources available to help troubled marriages and the soon-to-be married. Many churches have outstanding ministries devoted to the married. There are many good magazines and books devoted to showing the way to a better marriage.
If you are in a troubled marriage and want help, I encourage you to take advantage of the help that is out there. Or, if you just want to spice up your marriage and make it what it used to be, check out what is available.
You may find my book, C Through Marriage, helpful as well.