Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who will you pray for?


Prov. 4:14-17 Do not do as the wicked do or follow the path of evildoers. Avoid their haunts. Turn away and go somewhere else, for evil people cannot sleep until they have done their evil deed for the day. They cannot rest unless they have caused someone to stumble. They eat wickedness and drink violence!

We have a tendency to put people on a pedestal. We idolize people we don’t even know. We pay no attention to how they live if they are talented and we enjoy their talents. We pay to buy their products and feed on what they offer more than we care to admit. Discernment in the public arena is not one of our strong suits.

Many of the people who are popular and have a measure of fame are unrepentant sinners. Some flaunt their sinful lifestyles with seemingly no shame or remorse. Some blatantly advocate a belief in false gods or untruth. We sometimes follow and support the lives of those who are wicked and going to hell.

Scripture clearly reminds us that we must be more discerning as to whom we let into our minds and influence our hearts. We must be sensitive to the affect others have on us. If we are not being built up in our faith by others, they are tearing us down. Be careful who you let influence you. Your relationship with God is at stake.

Instead of idolizing the wicked, we should be praying for them.  They need the Lord just like we do.  Unless they repent, they will go to hell.  Shouldn’t we care enough for their souls to ask the Lord to convict them of sin?  We don’t know what is going on inside of them.  What we see may just be a cover-up for the turmoil in their souls.  Someone’s salvation may just be a prayer away.  Jesus said to look out on the harvest field and pray that the Lord will send laborers into it.  Ask the Lord to lay some soul upon your heart to pray for.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much. 

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