Friday, April 22, 2011

Living a pure life.

We live in a day in which it is almost impossible to keep our minds pure.  Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with ads, movies, books, magazines, and music that entices us to take our sexuality outside of our marriage vows.  No one is immune.  We are caught up in our moments of weakness and forget our vows of chasity.  Unless we take specific measures to protect ourselves, we yield to the temptation to either dwell or act on our impulses.  What can we do?  In my book, C Through Marriage, I offer a list of 27 different ways to protect ourselves from infidelity in marriage in my chapter on Chasity.  Bottom line is, we are going to fail unless we take responsibility for our actions.  No one can say no to temptation for you.  Every couple should hold each other responsible for their behavior.  If you and your spouse work together to stay pure and true to each other, you can do it.  There is no valid excuse for failure to live a pure life before God and within your marriage.