Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It is good for a person to live a godly life.

Prov. 13:6  Godliness helps people all through life, while the evil are destroyed by their wickedness.

It is good for a person to live a godly life.  Godliness gives a person a whole different perspective on living.  The godly understand life to be more than what is experienced at the moment.  They understand that life has a purpose far beyond life lived on earth.  They know that there is much more to enjoy about life than the temporary pleasures found on earth.  They know what it is like to not be at odds with God.  They are at peace with themselves.  The godly know that God is not some vague reality unattached from human life.  They experience life as God intended for man to experience it.  They have a sure foundation upon which to stand.  They are guided by the hand of God and live by God’s holy standards.

On the other hand, an evil person lives in self-destruction.  They are victims of their sinful choices.  They are never at peace with either God or man.  Mistrust plagues their living.  They are driven by momentary pleasures.  Their hope is built on whatever they are able to accomplish in this world.  They are never satisfied, always needing a new fix to satisfy their needs.  They have little real compassion for others, looking out for themselves at the expense of others.  They are easily led away from the truth and often believe and live a lie.  Evil people wreck havoc in the world and cause trouble wherever they go. 

Godly people are humble and trainable.  Evil people are stubborn and demand their own way.  Godly people live by the Word of God while evil people live by the ways of the earth.  God honors the life of the godly and rejects the ungodly.  Yes, there are different degrees of wickedness, but it God’s eyes all who reject Him are among the wicked.

Everybody has a choice to make in life.  They will either accept God’s offer of salvation and strive to live a godly life, or they will reject Christ and live a wicked life.  No one can escape from having to choose.  Godly living is all about daily choices.  We must choose to live by God’s rules or to disobey Him and open the door for wickedness to enter in.  Godliness takes constant vigilance over one’s soul.  Wise is he who daily chooses to live life God’s way.

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