Friday, July 18, 2014

Have you ever watched a fool having fun?

Prov. 10:21  Doing wrong is fun for a fool, while wise conduct is a pleasure to the wise.

Have you ever watched a fool having fun?  They are everywhere.  Take a few minutes and just watch with a critical eye those who are playing in sin.  We know that those who live in sin are heading straight to hell.  Do the things the fool does make much sense to do, knowing where it is getting them?  How long does their sin give them the pleasure they are seeking?  Is the fool ever satisfied with the momemtary thrill they may get?  Does sin ever make a person a better person?  Who can ever say that sin has been good for their life, that it has given them a worthwhile purpose for living?  Has doing wrong ever been worth dying for? 

Everybody wants to have fun in life.  It is our nature to do things that bring us a sense of pleasure.  We feed on making our lives more enjoyable.  We create many different ways to enjoy ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with having fun in and of itself.  It is good for the soul to break away from the normal routines of life once in a while and do something that brings us pleasure.  But when fun leads us away from the Lord whom we profess to love, is it really fun after all?  When we are plagued with guilt and shame is that really good for us?   When we participate in things that honor Satan rather than God, is that what we should be doing?  Do we really think that God is pleased with us when we seek fun by doing those things which are wrong, those things which allow sin to enter into our hearts and minds?

On the other hand, when we seek pleasure by doing things that do not harm our souls with sin, it is good.  There are many wonderful and creative ways to have fun without entering into the sin world.  God has provided a wonderful world for us to enjoy and explore.  There are many opportunites for fellowship with other believers that do not involve sin.  There are many different ways we can build up our souls and have fun doing it.  We can simply get away for a while alone with God in His creation and rest our souls in Him.  We don’t have to indulge in sin in order to thrill our souls.  When we delight ourselves in the Lord and the things that satisfy the soul, it is not here today and gone tomorrow. 

Don’t be foolish.  Do not seek pleasure in the things that destroy.  Do not let sin take root in you.  Do not glorify sin in your heart.  Wise are those who seek pleasure in the things that God approves of.

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