Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There have been a lot of different ways to define what grace is and most of them are good. Let me offer another thought that recently came to me: grace is God-walking. When we walk with God and God walks with us it can't get any better than that! John 1:14 speaks of God coming to earth to live with us and walk amongst us. Jesus is grace--God walking with us and us walking with God.

Time to take a stand

I just recently heard of another marriage that bit the dust. I know of many young couples who don't even consider marriage an option. Many others are desperately trying to redefine marriage to suit their personal preferences. There are many of us who are alarmed and are trying to stem the tide, but unless there are more of us who are willing to speak out in favor of the traditional marriage institution, the battle will be lost. The more we accept society's anti-marriage behavior and attitude, the less likely we are to see marriages that survive for any length of time at all.
It used to be normal for marriages to last until death. Most couples stayed together and survived the many complexities of life together. Today marriage is deemed to be more of a convenience than a commitment.
In order for anything of substantial substance to change, the church must lead the way. Instead of taking the path of least resistance and supporting all who want to be married in her, she needs to take a Biblical stand and refuse to go against what the church has traditionally understood marriage to be, that of between a man and a woman for a lifetime.
If there is enough of us who refuse to bend to the pressures of society, we can reverse the trend. But, time is running out and the time to do something about it is now.