Tuesday, October 17, 2017



Job 31:7,8  If I have strayed from his pathway, or if my heart has lusted for what my eyes have seen, or if I am guilty of any other sin, then let someone else harvest the crops I have planted, and let all that I have planted be uprooted.

Job was a determined man.  He was determined that he was not going to let sin rule his life.  He was not going to open the door that would lead to sin.  He was going to protect his soul at all times.  To the best of his ability, Job was going to live a godly life.

Job was so sure of the purity of his heart that he was willing to give up everything in his life if he were to be found guilty of a life of sin.  He was determined to be found to be blameless before God, to walk on His pathway.  He didn't care if he was the only one on earth to walk with God; he was going to do it.

To live blamelessly before God does not mean that we will live perfect lives.  It means that we have hearts bent on doing what is right before God and when we fail we confess our sins instead of ignoring them or harboring them in our hearts.

We would do well to have the same determined spirit in our souls.  Our passion must always be to live blameless lives before God.  However, we must realize that even though we live blamelessly before God, we can’t always live blamelessly before man (believers included).  Because of our sinful nature we will come under fire by some who don’t know us well or understand the motives of our hearts.  There will always be those who will find fault with us.  Our goal is not to please man; it is always to please God.  Stay true to the Lord, walk faithfully on the pathway to godliness, and determine in your heart that you will not let sin rule your life.  If you do these things, all will be well with your soul.

Monday, October 16, 2017



Job 31:1 I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust upon a young woman. 

What a powerful and bold statement!  Job determined in his heart early on in life that he would not knowingly sin against God.  Lust is a willful act.  It is lingering on the thought of sinful desires.  It is deciding that you want what is not yours to have.  You can lust after anything or anyone.  No matter what it is, it is sin.  It is an act of discontentment.  It is saying to God what you have is not enough or good enough.

What do you lust after?  What is there in your life that makes you want more of what you don’t have?  What do you have that you are convinced is not good enough for you?

If you are lusting after anything but God, you need to make a covenant before God that you are going to get your desires under control and not do it any longer.  God can show you what you are lusting after, but only you can determine that you will do it no more.  The Lord will help you gain control over your sinful desires, but you have to be willing to let Him.

The Lord gives us desires and they are good for us.  Desires that are untainted by sin that motivate us to grow and become the people God desires us to be are good.  They are designed to help us, not hinder us.  Sin causes us to use our desires for evil purposes instead of good purposes.  In order to reclaim possession of your desires, you have to let the Lord reclaim possession of your soul.  If He has His rightful place in your heart, you will not be driven by lust; you will be driven by a desire to please Him in your mind, body and soul.

Sunday, October 15, 2017



Job 31:1 I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust upon a young woman. 

Every believer should follow Job’s example.  Everyone has someone or something that will lead them into sin if they are not careful.  God made us uniquely different and only you know what your weaknesses really are.  Fixation on those things that exploits our weaknesses is a very dangerous thing.  It can only lead us into sin.

I encourage you to pause as you read this today and think about what your weaknesses are.  If you are tempted by visual things, make a covenant with your eyes so that you don’t look at them.  You can’t keep from seeing things that tempt you, but you can determine in your heart not to linger and dwell on them.  If you are tempted by the things you read, make a covenant with your eyes that you will not pick up material that exploits your weaknesses and read them. 

Our eyes are the gateway to the soul.  What we allow our eyes to see affects our souls.  The heart will dwell on what we see as long as we are looking at it.  Every time we allow ourselves to dwell on what tempts us, we weaken our resolve, which only leads us into sin. 

We are daily challenged by what filters through our eyes.  We constantly fight the urge to justify what we look at.  The sources we have available to us to look at are everywhere.  Whether it’s in the public arena or in the privacy of our homes, we must take charge of our souls and not allow ourselves to linger with our eyes on those things which are sinful or lead us into sinful thoughts or actions.

Dear friend, the Lord knows what you are looking at and dwelling on.  Do yourself a huge favor and make a covenant with your eyes to not play with fire and look at what tempts you.  Renew your covenant daily before the Lord and your successes will far outweigh your failures.  And when you do fall, confess your sin to the Lord and He will forgive you and help you to try harder the next time.  There is no shame in failing, but there is great shame in not trying.

Saturday, October 14, 2017



Job 28:28  And this is what he says to all humanity:  The fear of the LORD is true wisdom; to forsake evil is real understanding.

The fear of the Lord involves reverence, respect, reconciliation, regard, and reason.  We think about God and discover who He is.  We examine His claims about himself and life and come to the conclusion that He is trustworthy in all that He says.  We seek to be right with God knowing that if we aren’t, we are in grave danger.  We accept God for who He is and bow down before Him as our Savior and King.  We acknowledge that God is holy, the judge of all humanity, and that we are accountable to Him for our lives.  Knowing these things are true makes a man wise for he knows that he cannot take God lightly or his relationship with Him.

He who forsakes evil gets it.  The reason why we exist is to be a holy people before God.  We are not here because of some random act of nature.  We exist because in the beginning God created us to be who we are so we could have a relationship with Him.  He made us uniquely different from all the rest of creation.  We have souls which can connect to God on a personal level.  We have the ability to become one with God in love and holiness of character.  We are in essence like God; we are spiritual beings.  In creating us, God gives us life that will never die. He gives us the ability and opportunity to choose whether we will live with Him or apart from Him.

Real understanding is to forsake evil and live connected to God.  It is seeking to live holy lives.  It is taking God at His word and never looking back.  It is living as if our lives and eternity really do matter.  It is living as if God in His holiness really matters.  It is to fear God.

Friday, October 13, 2017



Job 27:3-6  As long as I live, while I have breath from God, my lips will speak no evil, and my tongue will speak no lies.  I will never concede that you are right until I die.  I will defend my innocence.  I will maintain my innocence without wavering.  My conscience is clear for as long as I live.

Reread slowly these verses.  Examine your own heart.  If you cannot honestly say the same things, you need to let the Lord take control of you.  We can control what comes out of our mouths.  In fact, Jesus reminds us that what comes out of our mouths is what is in our hearts. If evil words or lying words come from us it is because they are in us.  And if they are in us, we must ask the Lord to take them away from us.  If we don’t, we will face God and have to answer to Him for it.

Are you confident enough in your righteousness that you can stand up to anyone and defend your innocence because you know before God that you are right?  Now, there is a difference between a confidence rooted in self-deception and a confidence rooted in Christ.  We can convince ourselves that we are better off before God than we really are.  If we see ourselves in comparison to others and let that determine our righteousness, we will more than likely be led to believe we are okay.  However, our standard of righteousness in not others; it is God’s Word.  We must see ourselves as God sees us.  If we are not living up to the standards of God, we are not innocent before Him.

The right thing to do is to humble ourselves and admit our sinfulness.  There is no excuse for allowing sin to be a part of who we are.  Don’t maintain you are right with God when you know you are not.  Listen to the Spirit of Christ as He convicts you of sin.  Then, and only then, can you say with confidence that your conscious is clear.

May we too be determined to live before God with a clear conscious as long as we live.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



Job:27:1-6  Job continued speaking, “I make this vow by the living God, who has taken away my rights, by the Almighty who has embittered my soul.  As long as I live, while I have breath from God, my lips will speak no evil, and my tongues will speak no lies.  I will never concede that you are right; until I die, I will defend my innocence.  I will maintain my innocence without wavering.  My conscience is clear for as long as I live.

When you come to the end of your life, how do you want to be remembered?  What do you want others to remember about how you lived your life?  Will they be able to say you kept true to the Lord through the bad as well as the good times of your life?  Will they be able to say that you lived an innocent life before both God and man?  Better yet, will you be able to say it?

It is a liberating feeling to know that you have lived rightly before God.  When you know in your heart you have done what is right, you can handle whatever accusations that may come your way.  It won’t matter what others may think when you know that all is well with you before God.  It won’t matter whether or not others may understand or agree with you. 

Like Job, we must vow before God that we will live with hearts of integrity.  We must determine in our hearts that the only thing that comes out of our mouths will be truth.  We must determine that we do not let any evil thing come from our lips.  When we do, then we can stand on our innocence.  We can have confidence before God when we are falsely accused by others.  We do not have to cave in when we are confronted by others.

Is your conscious clear before God today?  If you were to stand before God today, would you be okay with that?  Is there anything you need to clear up with Him?  Have you determined in your heart that you will not cave into sin, no matter how great the pressure may be to do so?  Have you determined in your heart that no evil or lies will ever come from your lips? 

Live rightly before God moment by moment and you will never have to fear if this might be your last day on earth.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Job 24:13  Wicked people rebel against the light.  They refuse to acknowledge its ways.  They will not stay in its paths. 

One of the ways in which you can determine the real status of someone’s heart before God is how well they stay the course of faith.  Anyone who keeps wandering off the path of faith and into a sinful life pattern does not have saving faith.  Everyone stumbles and falls, but the child of God stands a whole lot more than he falls.  He is able to make progress in his struggles to overcome sin.  He is able to grow in his understanding of spiritual things.  He strives to live a godly life.

Those who rebel against the light are wicked in their heart.  These are people who refuse to live in the light they are shown.  They stay in the darkness of sin instead of coming to the light.  These people love the darkness instead of the light.  They turn off the light so that it doesn’t shine in their darkness.

In fact, the wicked in heart even refuse to acknowledge that there is light.  They acknowledge that there are many paths to heaven instead of one way.  They scorn those who claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  They may even deny that Jesus is God.  They do not acknowledge God’s Word as being absolute truth.  They strive to undermine the Word.  They stubbornly try to be good enough for heaven without heaven’s help.

Be careful who you hang out with.  The wicked will lead you away from God if you aren’t paying attention to your soul.  The path of the wicked is no good for you.  Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and do not deviate from His path.  Diligently protect your soul, because Satan is a master at chipping away at faith.  If you embrace sin in any way, it can be lethal to your soul.