Sunday, February 7, 2016


Eph. 3:12 Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come fearlessly into God’s presence, assured of his glad welcome.

If you have a high regard for God in His holiness, you may also have a fear of coming into His presence. It is very clear that God is holy and will never allow sin into His presence. He condemns all who live in sin and can never embrace them in righteousness. It should cause us much fear to approach God when we are not holy.

However, Jesus came and did for us what we could not do. He made us holy so that we could approach God. When He forgives our sins, He replaces our sin with His righteousness and holiness. He makes us approachable to God. We have nothing to fear as we approach God as long as we live in Christ. Only with Jesus standing between God and us are we able to draw near to God. Anyone who tries to enter into the presence of God without Christ will be turned away long before they ever draw near. God cannot have anything to do with a sin-infested heart.

When we approach God with Jesus as our Savior, God welcomes us gladly. He reaches out for us and embraces us in His love. We come under His protective care and forever find our pleasure in Him. All may approach God, but not without Christ, the forgiver of our sins and our wisdom, righteousness and holiness before God.

Notice that when we approach God in Christ, He gladly welcomes us into His presence. Wow, what a wondrous thought! Want to make God happy? Live in Christ. Honor Christ in all you do, strive to please Him, serve Him faithfully and seek to resist sin in your life and God will be very pleased with you.

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