Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I Cor. 1:4 I can never stop thanking God for all the generous gifts he has given you, now that you belong to Christ Jesus.

Do you have a thankful heart? Are you aware of how blessed you really are? Think about your life today and consider all that is good about it. If you know that your sins are forgiven, you are so richly blessed. You have eternal life! If you have a Bible to open up and read, you are so richly blessed. Most people in the world do not have a Bible and many do not know how to read even if they had one.

Do you know what it is to have your prayers heard and answered by God? You are so blessed! The world is full of people who pray a lot, but they pray to a god who cannot hear or answer prayers.

If you have friends who love and support you, you are so richly blessed. Everywhere you turn you will find people who are so lonely and have no one to come alongside of them to help them cope with life.

If you have daily food to eat, safe water to drink, clothes to wear, and shelter from life's storms, you are so richly blessed. People die daily from a lack of the most basic necessities of life to sustain them.

If you can live your faith out in the world without fear of persecution or death, you are so richly blessed. If you have a church where the Bible is preached, taught, and lived out, you are so richly blessed. There are so many churches that do not uphold God's Word as the authoritative voice from God for our living and there is fear throughout the world because of the consequences of being a child of God.

The list is endless of things to be thankful for. We need to learn to appreciate all that the Lord does for us. We need to learn to appreciate the people in our lives who support and encourage us in the faith. God is so good to us all the time. Praise and thank Him today for your countless blessings.

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