Friday, October 2, 2015


Rom. 12:11 Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically.

Never, lazy and enthusiastically, three words that we need to take seriously, especially as it pertains to our walk with the Lord.

If a person is always lazy, he will never make it in the world or the faith. It takes work to stay on top of things and work takes effort. It is far better to never let laziness be a part of who you are. A lazy person generally is not wanted. He is usually on the outside looking in. A person who does work enthusiastically is usually the one who will get noticed and rewarded for their efforts.

Spiritually, we must learn this lesson on laziness. A lazy child of God will never make it to heaven. It takes much work to keep our souls out of Satan's clutches. The opportunities to fail far outweigh our opportunities to succeed. We must stay on our guard and be alert to the opportunities for success. We must do the work necessary. We must dig deep into God's Word and learn how to live it. We must be determined to stay connected with the Lord in prayer. We must not pass on opportunities to do good for others around us. We must work hard at resisting the temptations to compromise Biblical standards for our convenience or pleasure.

We must stay on top of our spirit. We must learn to serve the Lord enthusiastically. We can do that when we have a deep appreciation for all that the Lord has done to save us, is doing to keep us, and will do to reward us in heaven someday. Keeping our souls fixated on Jesus all the time helps us to not get lazy and to not serve Him out of duty instead of love and gratitude.

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