Friday, February 3, 2017


Gen.32:28 "Your name will no longer be Jacob," the man told him. "It is now Israel, because you have struggled with both God and men and have won."

Jacob was all alone in the camp on his way to see Esau, his brother. He had sent his wives, children, and concubines across the Jabbok River. He wanted to do all he could do to protect them from Esau, in case Esau was looking for revenge on him. He knew that things could get ugly for him and he needed to be alone, with God. He was visited by someone from heaven in the form of a man. We are not told who this man was, but I suspect he might have been the preincarnate Christ. Whoever he was, Jacob wrestled with him all night long. He would not let go unless this man of God blessed him.

Faith in God is not always easy. In fact, if it ever becomes easy for you, you need to find out what is wrong with you. We struggle to remain true to the Lord. We struggle to always trust what God says. We struggle to act when it makes no sense at all to act. We struggle getting out of our comfort zones. We struggle with letting go of those things we don't understand and trusting God with them. We struggle, and many throw in the towel when things don't go there way. Many do not follow Jacob's example; he would not let go of the man until he was victorious.

The key to victory is always perseverance. He who gives up too soon never comes out on top. A well-fought struggle with God reaps great rewards. God changes us into the people He knows we can, and should be. We may fight for all we are worth against His changes, but God's ways are always the best ways. Let the Lord have His way with you. Don't keep struggling against Him. Let go and let Him have His way. When you do, you will discover just how great life in Christ can really be.

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