Friday, February 24, 2017


Ex. 7:6-7 So Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD had commanded them. Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron eigthty-three at the time they made their demands to Pharaoh.
These verses blesses me. As we grow older we are led to believe that our usefulness goes away. The world would have us to believe that there is nothing more that we can do to be productive members of society. We are pitied by those who are younger and more active. We become outcasts just waiting to die. But, it need not be that way.

Moses and Aaron were both at least eighty years old when the Lord sent them to Pharaoh to deliver the Israelites. Think about it. Here were men eighty years old who were willing to become national leaders and put their lives on the line to do so. At an age when most would look for rocking chairs to sit in and whittle their lives away, Moses and Aaron were just getting started. They would go on to lead the nation of Israel through the wilderness for another forty years!

No matter how old you may be or feel like you are, there are still many things you can do for the Lord. Your role may change from what it was in your younger years and you may have to adapt physically, but there are things yet for you to do. There are ministries in and outside of the church that are waiting for you. Ask the Lord today what it is that you should be doing for Him and then with Him as your strength and helper, get busy and do it. You can make a huge difference for the Lord, no matter how old you may be.

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