Monday, February 20, 2017


Ex. 4:27-28 Now the LORD had said to Aaron, "Go out into the wilderness to meet Moses." So Aaron traveled to the mountain of God, where he found Moses and greeted him warmly. Moses then told Aaron everything the LORD had commanded them to do and say. And he told him about the miraculous signs they were to perform.

God hand-picked Aaron to be the spokesman for Moses when Moses did not step out boldly and do what God had called him to do. Moses was not sure whether or not he was up to the task and tried to convince the Lord to pick someone else. Moses was God's chosen voice to go before the leaders of Israel and Pharaoh, but He chose Aaron to speak for Him instead so that Moses would willingly obey Him. I wonder how many times the Lord has to choose someone else to do what He has given us to do because we are afraid or unwilling to do it.

Aaron did not know what was about to happen when the Lord told him to go and meet up with Moses, but he went right away. He did not know where to find Moses, but God led him to him. The wilderness was a big place and if God had not directed him, he could have wandered around for a long time to find Moses. But, because Aaron let the Lord lead him, he went right to where Moses was.

Do not minimize God's appointments. God arranged the meeting between Aaron and Moses. They would work together to set the Israelites free from their bondage. God had wondrous miracles to perform and they would be His vessels to do them. God sometimes brings people together to work together to do great things for Him and bring Him honor and glory. Who is it in your life that you should be working with to serve the Lord?

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