Sunday, November 8, 2015


I Cor. 8:9 But you must be careful with this freedom of yours. Do not cause a weaker brother or sister with a weaker conscience to stumble.

Like it or not, freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom is not a license to do whatever we want to do with no strings attached. We have freedom from the destructive and deadly consequences of sin so that we can live godly lives. We no longer are bound by the devastating guilt and shame of sin. We no longer are driven by the compulsion to sin. We are no longer bound by those things that destroy us.

Christ frees us from a life of certain condemnation and gives us a life of certain acceptance by God. We now can become who God created us to be. We can now do what pleases God.

We are not under the curse of the law; we are under the blood of Calvary. We live by grace and not the restraints of the law. Grace allows us to live without fear of condemnation. However, we need to be aware of those around us. Even though we may not be convicted of the wrongness of some things, others who are not as mature in their faith may be. We must show love and respect for others by exercising restraint when we know it may be a problem for others. We must never use our freedom selfishly at the expense of others.

Some things must be wrestled with before God before convictions are established. Where Scripture does not clearly address an issue, we must discern before God whether or not it would be sin for us to do it. Personal convictions vary and we must be sensitive to how our behavior is perceived by others. We can easily be stumbling blocks to them. Let the Lord guide you in this. If He is prompting you to change your behavior for the sake of others, do it, even though it may not be a problem for you. It is the life of love.

Always remember, you have the freedom in Christ to develop certain convictions that are appropriate for your life, and so do all who are in Christ. God does not deal with us all in the same way. There are essentials elements of faith that are non-negotiable for all believers that the Lord reveals in His Word. And there are some things that the Spirit lays upon our hearts that are personally understood and lived. Wise is the child of God who knows the difference.

Don't cause a weaker brother or sister to stumble over your personal convictions.

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