Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I Cor. 12:11 It is the one and only Holy Spirit who distributes these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.

We do not determine who gets what gift(s) to use to serve Christ. We don’t get to choose what gift we want. We have no say in the matter whatsoever; it is the Holy Spirit who determines the gifts we are given and distributes them.

The Spirit of Christ is the wisdom center of God. He knows each person and the unique role they play in the Kingdom of God. He knows the capabilities and personalities of each person and distributes gifts accordingly. Each person is matched up with gifts that are perfectly suited for him.

It is foolishness to seek after gifts the Spirit does not give. Whenever we try to do things that we are not gifted for, we will struggle and fail. God does not honor those who try to be who they are not created in Christ to be.

Be content with your giftedness. Do not minimize it or try to hide it. Do what the Lord has given you to do in life with the tools He has given you. Be thankful for the gifts you have been given and not envious of someone else’s. Each of us will be held accountable for our own giftedness and how we used them to bring Christ honor and glory amongst men.

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