Sunday, November 15, 2015


I Cor. 11:1 ...And you should follow my example, just as I follow Christ's.

In chapter 10 Paul had talked about our freedom in Christ. He emphasized the fact that with freedom comes responsibility. Love constrains us sometimes from doing things we may feel free to do in Christ. Even though he could, Paul refused to do some things because he knew that those who were new in the faith would stumble and fall over it. There was a real problem for the Jews and Gentiles in the early church as they tried to figure out the implication of how their new faith was to be lived out together.

It has always challenged me to be able to say to others, "Follow my example, just as I follow Christ." Am I so like Christ that I have no problem with others patterning their faith after mine? Is there anything about my life in Christ that I wouldn't want others to imitate? Am I confident enough about my pursuit of Christ that I would want others to be like me?

We are being watched by those who know us. Some may very well be making a decision for or against Christ based on what they see in us. Others may be deciding whether or not to take Christ seriously in their lives based on whether or not we do. We have an audience whether we want one or not. What are they hearing from your life? Are you comfortable in having others walk in your footsteps of faith? If not, why not?

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