Thursday, November 5, 2015


I Cor. 6:1-2 When you have something against another Christian, why do you file a lawsuit and ask a secular judge to decide the matter, instead of taking it to other Christians to decide who is right? Don't you know that someday we Christians are going to judge the world? And since you are going to judge the world, can't you decide these little things among yourselves?

It is so easy to take people to court. The reasons vary, but the courts are full of people suing other people over often trivial matters. I believe one of the reasons why there are so much of this going on is that we are driven by selfishness and greed. We want what we want and we don't care how we get it. If we have to make life miserable for others, then so be it.

We, as the body of Christ, should be different. We should not allow self-interests or greed drive us to treat others in an ungodly way. We ought to love each other in Christ and when differences arrive, settle things with godly advice and wisdom and not the guidance of the secular world. There may be times in which going to court is unavoidable, but it should be done only if all other means of reconciliation and restoration have failed. Church business should be done in the church, not the courts.

When it becomes necessary for the church to decide matters amongst her members, it should always be done at the feet of Jesus. Prayer should always guide and govern our thinking so that the will of God can be discerned. Wisdom is needed to resolve disputes and godly wisdom comes from the Lord, not judges. People who know the Lord who refuse to be reconciled with those they disagree with are sinning against God. We are to strive to do our very best to live in peace with each other. How we settle our disagreements speaks volumes about the integrity of our hearts before God.

If we don't know how to resolve our differences and get along with each other, how can we expect anyone outside the church to take our witness seriously?

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