Friday, November 20, 2015


I Cor. 12:18 But God made our bodies with many parts, and he has put each part just where he wants it.

God has created the variety in the body. Every single part of what makes up the body is uniquely and wonderfully made by God and placed in the body exactly where He wants it to be. No part of the body is out of place. Each part has a special role to fill because of its placement and unique creation. God in His wisdom knows exactly which part is needed to help the body function properly. If any one part is missing or broken, the whole body suffers. It may be able to compensate and keep on functioning, but it is never quite as good as it would be if the body were whole and healthy.

What is true of our physical bodies is true of our spiritual bodies. We, together, make up the body. Each one of us is a valuable part of the body of Christ. God has made us uniquely different for different functions. We are all equally important for the wholeness and health of the body. If any of us become disabled the body weakens and fails to function as well. If any of us fail to do our part, the body suffers.

You are an essential part of the body of Christ. The church needs you to do what God has created and given you to do. The church is counting on you to do your part. If you don't do what God has created and gifted you to do, the body will continue to function as a body, but not nearly as well.

Also, God knows exactly where you fit best. Many of us are misfits. We serve the Lord, but not where we should be serving. We settle for less, when we should be striving for more. We are happiest and most productive when we are serving where the Lord wants us to serve and in the way He wants us to serve.

Let me challenge you to take a careful look at yourself today. Are you doing what you should be doing for Christ? Are you using your gifts to serve Him? What should you be doing for Him that you are not doing now? You are who you are for the glory of Christ and not your own.

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