Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eccl. 8:9 All the evil in the world, when will it all end?

Eccl. 8:9  I have thought deeply about all that goes on here in the world, where people have the power to hurt each other.

We live in a time in which news about what is going on in the world is everywhere you turn.  It’s on our computers, TVs, radios, newspapers, etc.  We may choose to ignore what is going on and pretend like it doesn’t exist, but it does.  Man’s sinful nature is plastered everywhere.  It is almost inconceivable how evil mankind can be.  If we stop and think about it, it overpowers the soul.

Where will it all end?  When will it all end?   Is there anything we can do to stop the madness?  How will this madness affect us personally if it continues?  Is there any hope for our children/grandchildren if it continues as it is going?  Is the way things are going in the world a sign that Jesus is coming soon?

Evil has always plagued the world.  We read history books and we read the Bible and we are made aware of how evil evil is.  No matter how much people say that man is inherently good, we know better.  No matter how much we like to think that life is better today than it has ever been, it isn’t.  No matter how much we try to bury the reality of evil, it is everywhere and will continue to plague man and only get worse.

The world is the present domain of Satan.  He is vigorously working to destroy Christianity.  He doesn’t like children of God and is determined to silence and destroy us.  God makes it very clear that Satan is going to have his way on earth until God puts an end to it.  Jesus is coming soon to take the church out of the world so that evil will manifest itself without restraint.  It is going to be a time in which God will rain down judgment on the earth until Satan is finally defeated and cast into hell for all of eternity. 

Jesus will take the church out of the world because He loves us and wants to spare us the horrors of unbridled evil in the world.  He loves us and gives us the means to be in the world but not victims of it.  He takes up residence in the heart of all who repent and surrender their lives to Him and protects us from being destroyed by evil.  We may have to live under the consequences of the world’s evil, but we are not victims of it.  In Christ we are the victors, the overcomers.  In Christ, we are guaranteed to live with Him for all of eternity in heaven. 

Do not let the news of the world overwhelm or overpower you.  Live faithfully in Christ and you will live in peace and have joy in your soul, no matter how bad things may get around you.

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