Friday, October 17, 2014

Eccl. 10:10 Seek wisdom; it helps you succeed.

Eccl. 10:10 Since a dull ax requires great strength, sharpen the blade. That’s the value of seeking wisdom; it helps you succeed.

Wisdom helps us to succeed.  In fact, without wisdom we will not succeed.  Wisdom is the ability to take what we know and make good use of it in our lives so that we become better people.  It requires humility and the willingness to make changes in our behavior and thinking when it is necessary.  Wisdom is learning to work on our weaknesses and to shore up our strengths.  It is gained on the foundation of dedicated work.

Spirtiual wisdom doesn’t just happen because we have faith.  It comes to those who are fully surrendered to the Lord.  The Spirit of Christ gives wisdom to those who are serious about their walk with the Lord.  It requires from us a committed and consistent study of God’s Word.  It requires of us a commitment to worshiping the Lord. 

Wisdom is the acknowledgement that all that is good comes from God.  It is recognizing the work of God in all of life and in us.  It is not taking for granted the handiwork of God.  It is being grateful for the blessings of God.  It is not blaming God when things don’t go our way.  It is submitting to God’s authority over us with no strings attached.  It is not being satisfied with the status quo but always seeking to grow in grace and knowledge.  Wisdom is stressing those things that help build us up in faith and staying away from those things which tear us down.  Wisdom is resisting Satan whenever he endeavors to entice us away from God and into sin.

The key to successful living in Christ is to seek wisdom.  We need to have an insatiable desire for the Lord and for understanding on how to live holy lives.  Wisdom is the solid rock upon which faith is built.  Wisdom is found only in Jesus who is our Solid Rock.

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