Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eccl. 8:1 How wonderful to be wise......

Eccl. 8: 1 How wonderful to be wise, to be able to analyze and interpret things. Wisdom lights up a person’s face, softening its hardness.

Wisdom does not just happen or come naturally.  It comes to those who live and learn.  It is observing and applying to life what we learn so that we are better people than we were before.  We learn from the mistakes others make and we learn from our own mistakes.  Wisdom is making changes in our thinking and living as we discover newer and better ways to live.  Wisdom comes to those who do not just “go with the flow” in life, but who deliberately strive to do those things which make them a better person.  Wisdom gives a person confidence and a positive approach to living. 

Wisest are those who are spiritually wise.  It is a wonderful thing when God’s children learn well how to live life in Christ.  Those who are spiritually wise are students of God’s Word.  They do not just read the Word for the sake of reading it, but they read it to learn about God and His ways.  They read it with a desire to learn new things so that they can live more godly lives.

Those who are spiritually wise do not neglect their prayer time.  They make it a point to spend time alone with God.  They pray not only to be heard, but they pray to worship.  They develop a mindset of praise and thanksgiving as they pray.  They meditate on the awesomeness of God.  They pray often just to have fellowship with God.   They learn to enjoy being in the presence of God.

The spiritually wise do not neglect Christian fellowship.  They learn to appreciate the faith of others and enjoy the fellowship of other believers.  They learn that other like-minded believers are the best people on earth to know and fellowship with.

The spiritually wise are actively serving the Lord.  They are those who have learned that it is far better to give than receive.  They grow to appreciate the opportunities the Lord gives them to do good amongst man.  They seek to serve the Lord because they love Him and desire to honor and glorify Him.  They have learned that there is no greater joy in life to be ambassadors for Christ in the world.

Those who are spiritually wise are easily recognizable in the world.  There is joy in their souls and it shows.  They are known for their righteousness and compassion.  They are gracious in how they deal with others.  They are quick to forgive and slow to judge.  They are a people after God’s own heart.

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