Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ecc. 3:22-23 Being happy in your work.


 Eccl. 3:22-23  So I saw that there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work.  That is why they are here  No one will bring them back from death to enjoy life in the future.

What do you do for work?  Are you happy in it?  Why, or why not.  Most people are not happy with their jobs.  They feel stuck because they would much rather be doing something else with their life.  They may have taken a particular job out of necessity and have just settled into it as a way of earning a living.  We rationalize things and find all kinds of reasons why we should be doing something different.  We may see ourselves as being too good or too qualified for what we do.  We may think we deserve better pay for what we do.  We may not get along well with our co-workers.  On and on our rationalizations go.  But, I believe that for most of us our dissatisfaction with what we do is more of a spiritual issue than it is anything else.

If you are not happy with yourself or are not right with God, no matter what your work may be, you will struggle and not be happy.  Happiness stems from an attitude of gratitude to God.  It is being God-centered and Christ-focused.  It is knowing that we owe our all to God.  True happiness is understanding that all of life is a gift and a blessing from God.  It is giving to God the credit He deserves for who we are, what we are, and what we do.  True happiness is never found outside of a life that is not Christ-centered.

When we live life in Christ, we do what we do to honor and glorify Him and not ourselves.  We work at what we do with our best efforts.  We strive to be a pleasing aroma unto God.  We see our work as a part of our witness.  Sure work can be mundane and cumbersome.  We may not particularly like what we do,  But, if we approach it as a gift from God and an opportunity to serve Him, work ceases to be burdensome. 

If you are struggling to find happiness in your work, first seek your happiness in Christ.  Learn to love Him with all your heart, mind and soul.  Learn how to walk with Him wherever you go.  Learn how to let Him be the delight of your heart from morning to night.  Let Him be Lord of your heart and your heart will sing His praises no matter what you may do in life.  Let your life work be a living testimony of your love for the Lord.  When your heart is right with the Lord, you will be able to give Him praise and thanksgiviing in and for all things.

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