Sunday, March 31, 2013

The earth shook

In Matthew 27:51 we find a very interesting event that happened at the moment Jesus died; the earth shook.  It is not the first time Scripture tells us the earth shook, nor will it be the last.  One can speculate as to why the earth shook, but certainly one of the reasons has to be that it was an affirmation that something extraordinary had just happened.  It bore witness of the fact that Jesus’ death was unlike any other death man had ever known.  It was a bold statement from God that things would never be the same, that Christ had set the captives free.  Indeed He had, for when the earth shook, the graves were opened and the saints who were in them came to life and bore witness to Christ’s victory and soon-to-be resurrection. 
The earth shook, and though the rocks were split, the cross stood firm.  What a wondrous truth we find there!  No matter what may be falling apart around us, the cross stands firm.  N o matter how bad life may seem to be, the cross stands firm.  For all who believe in what Jesus did on the cross, there is great joy for nothing can destroy the message of the cross.  There is salvation, joy, peace and hope in Christ that no one can destroy or take away from us.  The cross stands strong against the all the forces of hell and it will never lose its power to save us and keep us.  The cross stands as a testimony that all the demands of the law for justice had been met. 

The earth shook then, and it will certainly shake again.  When Jesus comes again, he will come as our conquering King and he will turn the world upside down.  He will free the world of all who reject him.  He will transform the world into a habitable place for his children to dwell.  He will purge and purify the world and no one will be able to stand against him. 


The earth shook and gave notice that Jesus is indeed the King of kings and Lord of lords.  It shook and bore witness that even death could not keep her prey.  Jesus is the resurrected Lord of life and all who turn from their sins in repentance will have eternal life in him. 

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