Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Veil Removed

In Matthew 27:50-51 we find one of the most important truths in all of Scripture, the veil in the Temple that separated man from God’s presence was torn apart, from top to bottom.  This event is so rich and powerful.  Space does not permit me to unravel all of the mystery surrounding this event, but let us consider a few things.  It is my prayer that my thoughts will inspire you to think more deeply about these things. 


Consider first of all the mystery of the veil itself.  It was a gorgeous curtain that separated the holy of holies from the rest of the Temple.  It was where God chose to reside with man.  Its construction was ordained by God.  He chose the material, colors and design.  Its colors of blue, purple and scarlet looked forward to the coming of Christ.  The veil curtain kept man from coming near to God lest he die.  Once a year the high priest entered into the holy of holies to make atonement for the sins of the people, and the only way he could do it without certain death was to be purified for his own sins and to strictly obey the directives of God.  Within the holy of holiness we find the mercy seat of God, the Ten Commandments, cherubim, Aaron’s rod and a manna jar (which were later lost) and the glory of God.  The message was very clear from God, “Stay away!  If you don’t you will certainly die.”


Consider also the mystery of the torn veil.  At the very moment when Jesus breathed his last, God tore the veil apart from top to bottom.  “It is finished!” the way past the curtain into God’s presence was forever established.  Jesus is the way!  He perfectly obeyed God and made it possible for us to draw near to God and live.  Jesus’ righteousness became our righteousness.  Jesus qualified us to become children of God instead of his enemies.  Jesus made it possible for all of our sins to be forgiven and forgotten by a holy God.


Consider the mystery of the removed veil.  Never again would man be kept away from God.  Never again would man have to participate in his salvation through the offering of blood sacrifices.  Never again would man have to fear approaching God.  Never again would man have to carry around with him the burden of past sins.  Never again would man have to wonder if he was good enough to make it into heaven.  Never again would man be all alone in his quest for righteousness.  Never again would the law of God bind and condemn the soul.  Jesus fulfilled the laws demands for justice and opened the pathway of grace for all who would believe.


Dear friend, think about these things as you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  Think about this wondrous mystery of the veil removed.  Let the Lord draw you deep into his great love for you.  Let your heart sing forth His praises as you feast on the wondrous work of Christ on the cross for you.  Let us now enter boldly into the presence of our God and worship him.

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