Saturday, March 30, 2013

Behold the beauty of the Lamb

In Isaiah 53:10, 11 we are given a description of what Jesus would be like on the cross, and it certainly is not a pretty picture.  Seven hundred years before Jesus was crucified, Isaiah foretold a scene in which no one would want to go see.  Jesus would be hung on the cross, broken, battered and beaten to a pulp.  He would be crushed by man physically and crushed by God spiritually as he took upon himself our sin and the just wrath of God for them.

The Jesus on the cross is not the same looking Jesus we see in most paintings.  He is not the same Jesus we so often hear preached about.  His suffering and its affect on him was so beyond our understanding that we scarcely let our thoughts dwell on it. 

Yet, because of what Jesus did for us, we can today behold the beauty of the Lamb.  As grotesque as the scene was at Calvary, there is a beauty there for you and me.  Jesus went into the darkness of the cross and forever satisfied God's justice against sin.  Jesus broke the chains of sin's death grip.  He did what the law could not do; he washed away our sins and gave us pure hearts before God.  He made it possible for our sins to be forgiven and amazingly forgotten by God.  He doomed Satan and all the demonic forces to an eternal hell, to plague God's children no more.  He opened up heaven's doors for all who sincerely believe in him and accept him as their Savior and Lord.

We behold the beauty of the Lamb as he rose from the grave.  The resurrection is God's exclamation point on our salvation.  It was the finishing touch on God's redemptive plan.  Because Jesus lives today you and I have eternal life and an eternal hope.  There is coming a day in which our faith will give way to sight and we will be with our risen Lord forever and ever.  Jesus rose from the grave and turned life upside down.  He rose from the grave to be seated at God's right hand ruling over all that is and every knee shall before him and declare him to be Lord.

Behold the beauty of the Lamb; he is knocking at your heart's door today.  He is inviting you to open up the door and behold him.  Gaze upon Him.  Let His transforming beauty captivate your heart and forever change you.  Let His righteousness and holiness clothe you.  Marvel at His glory.  Humble yourself before Him and fall on bended knee for he is worthy of all praise, honor and glory.  Jesus, the Lamb of God, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the great I AM and coming King.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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