Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Angry God

I am going to post my devotionals here for awhile and see how it goes.  I welcome your comments.
Ex. 4:14a Then the LORD became angry with Moses.

This short statement causes me to pause and think. God became angry with Moses. Why? Moses kept making excuses as to why he couldn’t obey God’s call on his life. God had prepared Moses for this moment of service. He had 80 years of life under his belt. He was ready to step up to the plate and lead the Israelites out of Egypt because God had made him ready. But, Moses tried to convince God that he was not the man. Instead of trusting God, he let his fears control him. I wonder if we too make God angry when we try to find excuses for not obeying him.

What do we do to make God angry? God makes it clear that he gets angry over sin. Do we make Him angry when we chose to delve into sin? Do we make Him angry when we take him for granted? Does He get angry when we show him so little respect? Is He angry over our futile attempts to “worship” him? Does He get angry when we so freely toss His name around, like He was one of us? Does He get angry over our lack of interest in pursuing holy lives? Does He get angry when we let the allurements of sin captivate us instead of Him?  I wonder to what extent we make God angry.

Living in relationship with God requires much from us. We have to work hard to keep ourselves properly connected to Him. God is with us, but He is not one of us. We must never forget that. God is holy, Jesus is holiness personified, and the Spirit is holiness empowered. We must fight the tendency to lose respect for God. We must fight the tendency to not revere Him. We must fight the urge to sin against Him.  We must fight the fears that would cause us to not obey and serve Him.  Let us resolve to give the Lord the best of our hearts and lives. Don’t give God just cause to be angry with you.

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