Friday, March 29, 2013

It is finished.

In John 19:30 we have recorded the last words that Christ spoke on the cross, “It is finished.”  In thinking about those three words, I am intrigued by the reactions they must have created in heaven, hell and on the earth.  Let us just for a few moments think about this. 


In hell, I think there must have been a very brief moment of celebration as Satan and the demonic forces must have thought that they had finally won.  Jesus, the Son of God, had finally given up.  He had too much.  He had gone back to heaven where he came from to bother them no more.  But then, reality did set in.  It wasn’t a declaration of defeat, but of victory.  He had indeed done what he came to do.  The power of sin to destroy the soul was broken.  Man could now live in fellowship with God.


In heaven, I think there was a very great celebration.  All who had died before that moment realized that it was all true.  Jesus was the Savior.  Jesus was their ticket into heaven.  All the angelic hosts rejoiced because all of the promises of God for a Savior was fulfilled.  Heaven was going to be filled with the saints who would join them in singing forth his praises for all of eternity.  Not only that, but Jesus was coming home!  He had been gone for 33 years and now he was finally coming back to take up his rightful place at God’s right hand. 


On earth, there was mass confusion.  No one yet could understand the impact Jesus’ death would have on life.  No one understood why Jesus had to die.  No one understood the darkness, the torn Temple curtain, the opening of the graves.  No one understood the sin that put Him on the cross or the love that kept him there. 


Many today are still confused.  Sin has darkened the understanding of man.  Sin has darkened the soul to the point where evil oozes out of the pores of humanity.  Sin has darkened the mind of man to the point where there is no longer any guilt or shame over sin committed.  Yet, even in the midst of all the evil in the soul of man today, there is still hope.  Defeat can be turned into victory.  Satan may be in his heyday, but his days are numbered.  “It is finished.”  The victory is won.  There is victory in Jesus for all who will turn to him for forgiveness. 


Jesus died only when he had finished what he came to do; he opened up the doors of heaven for all who will believe.  He will not turn away anyone who comes to him with a sincere heart for the forgiveness of their sins.

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