Saturday, December 10, 2016


I John 5:13 I write this to you who believe in the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life.

John wrote his letter to the body of Christ so that there would be no question amongst them that they indeed had eternal life. There are many different things we can point to that assure us that indeed we are children of God.

Lip service gives way to living service. A child of God is not an idle bystander. He is an active participant in the household of faith. He is putting faith into action. He not only talks about loving others, he is doing it. He is striving to daily live in obedience to God’s commandments. He is actively letting his light shine in the darkness of the world, sharing his faith whenever he can.

You know you have eternal life when you are never satisfied with what you already know and have in Christ. You long to grow in Christ and are endeavoring to do so. You seek out more understanding through His Word and don’t shy away from spending quiet time with Him in prayer.

You have eternal life when you love others in similar fashion as God loves you. You seek the good of others and not their harm. You reach out to them when they are in need. You are an encourager and not a discourager to their faith. You act graciously towards them and extend forgiveness when they wrong you. You dwell on their goodness and not their shortcomings.

You know you have eternal life when your faith rules your life. A child of God is one whose body, mind and soul are faith driven. There is a desire to always live within the constraints of the Gospel. There is a constant awareness of the presence of Christ. There is a driven desire to always do what is right before God. There is a continuous readiness of the soul for Christ’s return.

You know you have eternal life when you cherish the time you can spend with the Lord in His Word and in prayer. You get it. You understand how important it is to the health of your soul to feed it with proper spiritual food.

Yes, dear friend, we can know for certain that we have eternal life. Think on these things.

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