Sunday, December 18, 2016


Jude 20 But you, dear friends, must continue to build your lives on the foundation of your holy faith. And continue to pray as you are directed by the Holy Spirit.

We must continue to build our lives on the foundation of our holy faith. First of all, faith is holy living. We don’t often think of it in this way, but it is. Faith is a process of becoming like Christ, who is holy. It is changing who we are to become like who He is. Faith is a life of excellence before God. If our faith is not moving in that direction, then our hearts have not been truly saved. We are to build our lives on holy faith. Holiness is the goal for all living in Christ.

No structure will survive without a good and proper foundation. A foundation is tailored to fit the building that is built on it. So it is with the soul. The foundation of the soul is that which makes us holy. Anything that works against making us holy must be discarded. We must be diligent pursuers of all that makes us holy. It begins at Calvary and includes faithful learning from God’s Word, prayer and serving the Lord.

Led by the Holy Spirit, we are to be a people of prayer. The Spirit actively works in God’s children to develop within them a prayer life. Prayer is essential for godly living and being a godly witness in the world. We need to pray for the vitality of our souls. We need to pray for the wellness of others’ souls. We need to pray for the working of the Spirit in the world to convict people of their sins. We need to pray for those who are in the world laboring for Christ. We are to pray, not to impress others, but to align ourselves up with God so that His will on earth will be done.

We are to pray always, not just when we feel like it, but when we don’t feel like it as well. We are to pray whenever the Spirit prods us to pray. There are times when we are led to pray when we don’t have any clue as to why. When the Spirit is working in people’s lives, He often bids the children of God to pray without them knowing anything except to pray. Don’t disobey the promptings of the Spirit to pray. Our Father knows best. He knows who, or what, needs immediate prayer. Sometimes we don’t even know what to say, or are so overwhelmed that we can’t even utter words, but that is okay. The Spirit knows the heart of man and will utter the words we can’t say before our Father. Prayer is a partnership with God to accomplish on earth what God desires to be done. Prayer is good for our souls and accomplishes much when led by the Spirit.

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