Wednesday, June 22, 2016


II Tim. 4:5  But you should keep a clear mind in every situation.  Don't be afraid of suffering for the Lord.  or at bringing others to Christ.  Complete the ministry God has given you.

Let's think clearly about this verse for a moment.  Most who are reading this today do not suffer much for the Gospel.  Things are changing daily in our world and it is becoming more and more common, but for the most part, there is little real suffering going on in the church.  Because most of us have lived free from suffering, we fear it and don't appreciate it's value to our faith.  We do, however, seem to have fear when it comes to sharing our faith and bringing others to Christ.

Many of us are way too concerned about what others will say or do.  We remain silent because we don't want to be put on the spot, ridiculed, or perhaps harmed because of our witness.  Some do not share their faith because they don't want to come across as foolish due to their lack of Biblical knowledge.  They fear being asked questions they can't answer.  There are some who know they don't live what they claim to believe and fear they will be called hypocrites. 

Paul admonishes Timothy to not let fear stop him for doing what the Lord wants him to do.  We are to complete the ministry God has given us to do.  No matter what it is, we must step out in faith and simply do it.  We must believe what we proclaim about God being with us and enabling us.  We must display our love for the Lord by serving Him.  What matters is not the momentary consequences of our obedience, but the eternal consequences if we don't.  God richly rewards those who obey Him and serve Him in what He has given them to do. 

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