Thursday, June 23, 2016


II Tim. 4:7 I have fought a good fight. I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

Do you like a good fight? Most people would prefer not to fight. We teach our children to settle their differences in other ways because we learned the hard way that when people fight, someone will get hurt. We knew that there was a good possibility that it would be us as a child growing up it, and it often was us, that got hurt. We now see fighting as a sign of immaturity. There are better ways to resolve conflicts than fighting. Yet, fighting is a normal part of living.

There have been wars amongst men for centuries. We don’t like it, but accept it as part of life on earth. Power drives people to want to conquer those who don’t like them or who threaten them. A vast horde of humanity loses their lives because of war. Sometimes war takes on physical form and sometimes it is verbal in nature.

Great damage is done when people fight each other with words. Psychological and emotional scars are left that plagues the soul for years to come if not resolved. Some people are very good at fighting with words.

There is also a fighting that takes place over the soul of man. There is a constant battle everyone fights over the integrity of his soul. Every believer constantly is at war with the forces of evil. No one can escape this fight. If you are not in a spiritual war, you are not living right with God.

Live in such a way that you can say with Paul that you have fought a good fight, that you have finished what you started when you came to Christ, that you have been faithful to the end. Don’t let Satan get the upper hand; resist him daily. It’s not an easy fight to win, but it is a very winnable fight when you live submissively and obediently to Christ.

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