Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Titus 2:8 Let your teaching be so correct that it can’t be criticized. Then those who want to argue will be ashamed because they won’t have anything bad to say about us.

It is imperative for our own souls and for the sake of others that our teachings be correct and above reproach. It is so easy to fail at this. We don’t study well enough and pray over what we study to get a proper knowledge of the Word. We often let our own ideas determine how we interpret and apply the Scriptures. We readily accept as true what others tell us without examining the Word for ourselves to see if it is true. We tend to not think too deeply about what we read. We do not ask the Holy Spirit to guide our thinking as we think over the Word. We tend to not put Scripture into the context of Scripture for a proper understanding of it. In other words, we don’t invest the time we need in the Word to make sure our teaching is correct. We are spiritually lazy.

It is good for the soul to make time for Bible studies. We can learn much from others by sitting under their teachings. We can learn much from the thinking of others as the Word is discussed. We can examine our understanding in light of the understanding of others and correct our thinking as needed. It is good for us to discover how the Word is being applied in the lives of others. The more time we spend in fellowship over the Word, the better chance we have of getting it right.

Correct understanding of the Scriptures leads to correct application which diffuses the arguments of those who would seek to find fault with us. Let the Lord guide you in all your thinking as you learn from the Scriptures that which is true.

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