Saturday, July 18, 2015

What do you live for?

John 4:34 Then Jesus explained, "My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work."

What do you live for? Now, be honest. What consumes most of your time, energy and thoughts? What you live for matters the most to you. It is evident in how you spend your time, what you talk about the most and what you invest your best efforts at doing. So, what are you living for? Your job? Your marriage? Your hobby? The Lord?

We profess allegiance to Christ and proclaim our love for Him. Yet, for most of us, the Lord is just a part of our lives, but not our lives. We try to act like we are His children, but He is not the consuming passion of our lives. We let the Lord tag along in our lives, but we are not so into Christ that He is the reason why we live.

Jesus set the example for us. His reason for living was to do the will of God and to do what God sent Him to earth to do. We need to be likewise so committed to God that doing His will for us is what we live for. We need to let Him determine what His will is for us instead of ourselves. We need to stay close enough to Him that we won't be in doubt about what He wants us to do. Nothing may change in what we do in life if we do, but then again, maybe it will.

We need to stay on course with God's will and stay in it all of our lives. Our work on earth is not done until the Lord says it is. We need to actively be involved in striving to serve the Lord in whatever we do in life. It is the only way we will have peace with God.

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