Wednesday, July 8, 2015

God became human!

John 1:14 So the Word became human and lived here on earth among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Son of the Father.

This is one of the most profound verses in all of the Bible. Think about it; the Word (that is, God) became human and lived here on earth. God in His infinite wisdom knew that He had to become one with us in order for us to understand Him and His love for us. He knew that there was no other way for us to be able to reach out to Him and embrace eternal life.

God became human, which tells us so much about how He loves us. He loves us so much that He wanted to communicate with us on a heart level. He wanted us to experience His life on a much deeper level than duty. He wanted to fellowship with us. He wanted to teach us how to live close to Him. Not only that, He loves us so much He wanted to experience the life we live so that He could help us on our level.

God became human and we are able to see what unfailing love and faithfulness was all about. Jesus lived a faithful life to God. No one could honestly find any fault in how He lived life. He never disowned or disobeyed God. He never backed down from being a witness for Him. He taught and lived righteousness all the days of His life on earth, even to His very last breath. Everything Jesus did was out of love. He loved those who responded to His teachings and followed Him. He loved those who would not commit to Him and longed that they would change their minds. He loved those who put Him on the cross and nailed Him there. He even asked God to forgive them while they were doing it.

We look upon Jesus and we see the glory of God in the flesh. We see God showing us the way to Him. We see love at its finest; God becoming human so that we humans could become one in heart with God. We see God doing for us what we could never do, getting rid of our sin problem so that we can be made holy, a people after God 's own heart and acceptable to Him.

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