Monday, July 13, 2015

Doing what is right before God is a heart issue.

John 3:21 But those who do what is right come to the light gladly so everyone can see that they are doing what God wants.

Doing what is right is doing what is right before God. There are things which seem right to man that are not right with God. God's Word is always our standard for what is right. We cannot be or do what is right before God without it being based on the Word of God.

It's a heart issue. Those who do what is right do it because they know that it is God's way. They know that what pleases God is what matters. They dwell in the light because they know that God is light. It is in the presence of God that we discover what we need to do in order to please Him.

Those who do what is right before God do it so that others can see that what they are doing is what God wants. The goal is always to bring honor and glory to God. The desire is for God to be seen in us and not ourselves to be seen before man. This is perhaps one of the biggest battles most face today. So much attention is placed on the individual. So much stress is placed on being noticed as a measure of one's success and acceptance.

In order to be and do what is right with God, we must remain humble before Him. We must spend time in His Word and on our knees in prayer. We must keep constant vigilance over our souls. Our greatest need is to always seek to let God be seen in and through us. It should always be our goal to bring God honor and glory. We should always strive to live in such a way that the Lord is seen in a  positive light, that others would be attracted to Him because of how we reflect Him.

Do what is right before God gladly so others will see that what you are doing is what God wants you to do. Our attitude says a lot about what we really think about our life in the Lord.

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