Saturday, April 25, 2015

Many are called, but few are chosen.

Matt. 22:14  "For many were called, but few were chosen."

This is the story of the great wedding feast.  Jesus used this story to teach us what it will be like when He comes back to establish His kingdom.  This was a wedding feast and all the guests who were initially invited were too preoccupied with their own agendas to bother coming when it was time for the wedding to take place.  The host of the wedding was furious with those who spurned him and turned to those who did come, those who considered the invitation something special and dropped everything else to hurriedly come.

The point Jesus made is that we should never squander our opportunity to be ready for His coming.  We will never know when He will show up and if we are not ready for Him, it will be too late.  We should consider it an honor to be invited to be a part of His wedding party.  It should be the number one priority of our lives.  We must be ready so that at any given moment we can join Him.

Don't assume anything about the Lord's coming.  He may come for His church, or He may come for you, at any moment.  Live each moment as if it were going to be your last one on earth.  If Jesus were to come for you today, would you wish that you had more time to get ready?  Would you be spurned by Him because you passed up His invitation to be ready while you had it?  If Jesus would call you home today, what would He find you doing with your life?

Many are invited into His kingdom, but few are chosen because most people do not value the treasure of a life lived in Christ.

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