Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ir is not impossible for God to save anyone.

Matt. 19:25-26  The disciples were astounded.  “Then who in the world can be saved?” they asked.  Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible.  But with God everything is possible.”

Jesus had just dealt with a very rich man who had come to Him wanting to know how to be saved.  He was a good and devout man.  He thought he had all his bases covered, but he wanted Jesus’ affirmation.  Jesus told him the only thing he lacked was to sell his possessions and then to follow Him.  The price was just too steep.  He left Jesus dejected.  His riches just meant too much to him. The disciples were caught off guard.  Jesus made a statement that they did not understand.  He told them how hard, impossible, it was for rich people to be saved.  Mystified, they then asked the Lord who in the world could then be saved.  Jesus’ response put things in their proper perspective; only God can save a soul.  There is nothing man can do to save himself. 

Jesus did not come to help us help ourselves to be saved.  He came to be our Savior.  Without Christ in their heart, no one will make it to heaven.  All the money, fame, friendships, or good works will not save the soul.  Anyone who thinks he can make it to heaven without repentance is believing a lie straight from hell. 

It is not impossible for God to save anyone.  Whoever humbles himself before God, confesses their sins, asks for forgiveness, and accepts Jesus as their Savior and Lord will be saved.  God does not exclude anyone from the reach of His saving grace.  He longs for all to be saved and will not turn anyone away who sincerely seeks Him. 

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