Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greatness is servanthood.

Matt. 23:11  “The greatest among you must be a servant.”

We normally measure greatness all wrong.  We consider great those who are the achievers, those who set themselves apart from others by what they accomplish in life.  We look up to them and give them our attention and adoration as long as they continue to be great in our eyes.  Normally these people are hard workers and disciplined.  We recognize their dedication to their craft and put them on pedestals.  Some of them have their names embedded in record books so they will not be soon forgotten.

The Lord looks at greatness totally differently.  He considers greatness to be measured by servant hood.  He is saying it’s not so much what is accomplished that is important as it is what we do with our abilities.  Most achievers draw attention to themselves; servants do what they do without concern for personal attention.  Servants humbly go about their business without the need for attention.  They know what needs to be done and just do it.

Servants are generally people who are motivated by humility and sometimes love.  They do not consider what they do to be of any significance.  They do not care about what others may think of them; they just live out their lives to honor their master.  As believers, we serve the Lord with humility

Jesus said that the truly great people among you are those who serve others.  As we consider our own lives, we must look inward and discern our motives for what we do.  If we seek recognition for what we do, then we need to change our attitude.  Everyone needs to be appreciated for what they do, but great are those who continue to do what they do whether they are appreciated or not.  If we do all that we do to honor and please the Lord, it doesn’t matter whether or not anyone else notices what we do.  It is God’s opinion of us that really matters and He says that great are those who have servant hearts.

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