Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You are the kind of life you live.

Matt. 7:20  “Yes, the way to identify a tree or a person is by the kind of fruit that is produced.”

What kind of life we live reveals who really controls our lives.  We do not have to do all the things the world does in order to be under Satan’s control.  We can be “good people” in the eyes of the world and go to hell when we die.  In fact, I believe most people fall into that category.  What makes a person good and acceptable to God is not what we do; it is in whom we put our trust.  Without putting our trust in Christ, we may do much good in the world, but we will lose our souls. 

It doesn’t matter what we profess to be; if our living doesn’t match up to our profession, we are not who we claim to be.  We cannot live in fellowship with Christ and fail to produce godly fruit.  A child of God shows the characteristics of God in his life.  God is holy and His children show evidence of holiness in their lives.  The only way to really know what that means in practical terms is to open up God’s Word and take note of what He says about how we are to live.  A closed Bible results in ungodly living.

Good fruit is only produced on properly nourished trees.  There has to be amble amount of necessary ingredients for it to grow and produce.  It is the same with our souls.  We must feed our souls what they need in order for them to grow and produce.  We must be vigilant in what we allow our souls to feast on.  No one can properly take care of your soul for you but you.  A neglected soul will produce bad fruit that is of no eternal value at all.  Only a soul that produces good fruit will see God.

When properly taken care of, our souls will produce much good fruit that brings honor and glory to Christ.  You are what you produce. 

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