Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What you look at matters.

Matt. 6:22-23  “Your eye is a lamp for your body. A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul. But an evil eye shuts out the light, and plunges you into darkness.  If the light you think you have is really darkness, how deep that darkness will be!”

What do you look at?  What we see affects our souls.  When we are gazing on unholy things we are letting unholy things enter into our souls.  No matter how righteous a person may be, he is affected by the things he looks at.  Satan is a master at bringing to mind evil things that we have looked at in the past.  He uses those things to harass us and if possible to lead us into sin.  He is relentless in haunting us and robbing us of the peace and joys of salvation.

A pure eye is one that focuses on things that are good for the soul.  The Apostle Paul instructs us to dwell on those things that edify the soul (Phil. 4:8).  We can control much of what we dwell on.  We must take responsibility for this because what we do dwell on will either make us holy or unholy.

We need to be discerning.  Darkness sometimes masquerades itself as light.  What may seem to be alright may not be alright at all.  How many times have you watched a program or movie that was captivating and generally a good story that had some things in it that you knew were not right or wholesome but you chose to watch them anyway?  What we watch often helps form our worldview.  Unless we are on our toes and are able to protect ourselves from that which is not truthful or helpful, we will be soon led astray.

Don’t shut out the Light.  Let into your soul those things which will build your soul up and not corrode it with evil.

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