Monday, March 2, 2015

Matt. 1:6 God does not give up on us.

Matt. 1:6 David was the father of Solomon (his mother was Bathsheba, the widow of Uriah).

I am so thankful today that God does not give up on us and that he brings good out of lives that are not so good. David messed up royal. He got caught up in his lust and it led to adultery and murder. He had it all, the blessings of God and the favor of man, yet it was not enough to keep him from sinning. He took his eyes off of God and let them fall on Bathsheba. What a mess he made of his life for a few fleeting moments of pleasure!

Yet, God is merciful and patient. He did not give up on David. He spoke to his heart and convicted David of his sin. David confessed his sin before God and sincerely sought God’s forgiveness. It was granted to him and God brought good out of the bad mess David had made of his life. David married Bathsheba and out of a relationship that began in adultry, a line of descendants came in which Jesus was born.

No matter what you may have done, or perhaps are now doing, God can clean up your mess and bring good out of it. He loves you and wants to bless you. Blessings flow from confession. God will not bless you as long as you harbor sin in your life. Read David’s prayer of confession in Psalm 51 and make it your own. You will be glad you did.

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