Friday, March 6, 2015

Matt. 4:4 Feed on the Word of God.


Matt. 4:4 But Jesus told him: “No! The Scriptures say: ‘People need more than bread for their life, they must feed on every word of God.’”

Sometimes we simply don’t get it. We are led to believe that what we need is what we find in the world to give us life and sustain it. We take great pains to be sure that we have food to keep us going. We do all that we can possibly do to provide what we believe will make us happy. We seek always to please ourselves, with little thought of there being something more. Satan knows how we are wired and tries to use it against us. Satan knew how hungry Jesus was after being on a fast for 40 days. He knew that people who are desperately hungry will do just about anything to get something to eat. He knew that he had Jesus right where he wanted Him. What he didn’t know was that Jesus knew what was far more important in life than physical comfort and satisfaction.

Life is about discovering what comes from God and feasting on it. Life is spiritual and not physical. Life is eternal and he who understands that and is committed to taking care of his soul first and foremost, will find the pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction he seeks. We need food for our bodies to sustain us and we need food for our souls to sustain us. If we neglect either one, we will starve ourselves to death. Lack of nourishment opens the door to all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. A lack of the right kind of nourishment can be equally destructive. Be sure to take care of both your body and your soul.  

Feed your soul with what it needs for growth and stability, a steady diet of the Word of God.  You will never have a healthy soul without it.  Daily feed on the Word of God.  Eat it slowly so that you don’t miss any of its nourishments.  Let it settle deep into your soul so that you can get the full benefit from it.  Wash it down with prayer.  Stay in close touch with the Lord daily. And, be careful so that you don’t feed your soul with stuff that is not good for it.  There is much that we tend to take in that is destructive to the well-being of our souls.  A consistent well-balanced and sufficient spiritual diet will make your soul healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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